• 20 Years
    More than 20 years experience in handling international business
    from Malta and a well structured powerful network not limited only
    to this Mediterranean Island but also across North Africa, the Middle East,
    Europe, Switzerland and Asia, makes us a competent and serious partner.
  • Network
    of specialists
    Our expertise guarantees your sustainable business development and we will support you personally
    in all questions related to the set up and management of your Maltese company or your
    international company structure.
  • We make your goals ours !
    Through an intensive dialog we develop solutions together for the best
    possible ways to protect your private or business income in the long term,
    find new markets or optimize your supply chain.
  • We grow with you
    We are looking forward towards a mutually beneficial business
    relationship which should result in easier administration of
    your Maltese business and an efficient cost structure within
    your international setup.

Get Started

The start up to success ....

You would like to expand your successful company further and want to establish sustainable sales and business relationships in international markets ?

You would like to explore funding possibilities for your new projects ?

You have heard from Malta as a possible location and its tax benefits for foreign shareholders of Maltese companies ( tax burden in Malta 0-5%, certain terms and conditions apply)

You are thinking of spending more quality time in a warmer and sunnier place and consider Malta as a possible residence, and if yes, how would this effect me tax wise ?

Limited, Holding, Trust or Foundation which structure is the most favorable for my situation  ?

Non committal free qualified first consultation

These and other questions you probably would like to have answered before you enter into a business relationship to start a new venture in another country. Call us or email us with a brief description of your situation and project in mind, and we will contact you to arrange a time for a free consultation where you can place all your concerns and questions, either per Skype , phone, in some cases even personally in your home country. We will discuss and analyze your individual situation, and draw first ideas and possible solutions for your future project, developed individually for your business.

Quote for the Startup. Administration and Management of your Maltese Company 

You will receive from us a detailed individual tailor made quote, based on the information provided, for the start up of your Maltese company ( or company structure) which includes all related costs and fees for the relevant government departments for registration, customized company memorandum and articles, support for application for a Maltese bank account . For the administration and management you pay a monthly all- inclusive fee every quarter in advance, instead of a hefty yearly invoice, which covers all monthly quarterly and yearly costs and fees for accounting, audit, Vat returns, annual returns, tax declarations and tax claims, obligatory for all Maltese companies with foreign shareholders. Therefore you can concentrate on your core business without worrying about deadlines and administration which will be taken care of us.

Contract/ Invoices/ Notice    

Once both parties have agreed and signed, the start up fee, and additionally the share capital is transferred, SSCI commences the process of registering the new company according to your specifications. The monthly administration fees start form the Month of registration and are to be paid quarterly in advance. Both parties can cancel the contract with a month notice to the quarter of the year.

Some other interesting facts about the cost structures in Malta

Success can be measured in Euros but also by the amount of new contacts and possibilities which may arise as a result of the move to another country. As a guideline to compare advantages to costs by moving from a German speaking country to Malta the following parameters can apply:

  • Savings in administration comparing Germany to Malta of app. 30-60% depending on the chosen company structure. In the case of England or Switzerland the savings can be in the region of 70% due to cheaper location and lower labor costs.
  • Reduction of the tax burden of 35% through an EU accepted and sanctioned system of tax rebates by paying dividends to non Maltese beneficiaries, which eventually reduces the final tax percentage to 6.4 – 5% depending on the company structure. In special cases the tax burden can be reduced to close to    0 % applying a smart investment and employment policy in Malta.
  • The costs for accounting and auditing, both are mandatory for companies with foreign shareholding, are app. 30% lower, compared to most European countries. Malta offers a well qualified young and multilingual workforce for very reasonable costs and liberal employer friendly regulations.

Interested ??  talk to us, most of our current clients are long term business relationships and never regretted their decisions to start up companies or residences in Malta with SSCI. We are very proud to look back on over 20 years of experience and a reputable standing in this business field.

We are looking forward to hear from you.